A fine example of a subjective peice of Art

A fine example of a subjective peice of Art

Coulrophobic Clown by Ron English

I loved this piece by Ron English so much so that I bought a share in it at http://www.myartinvest.com/en/ A site that allows people to buy shares in art at very low coasts and sell shares in art at profit. Check it out; it’s a very interesting concept.

I loved the fantastic detail and choice of pallet but mostly I loved the subject matter. This is a piece much like marmite (you will love it or hate it). I can image people instantly hating it because they fear or dislike clowns. What do you think?

Dream destinations for 2014

The emergence of spring has given me itchy feet and got me dreaming of new destinations to visit. These destinations are particularly exciting travel prospects for 2014 and I’ll explain why!



Croatia, Dubrovnik  

Croatia is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, which doesn’t surprise me. People are discovering this beautiful yet previously rather overlooked destination. Marvel at the old city steeped in history and beautiful architecture, get to know the locals who are said to be very friendly or just gaze out onto the gorgeous coast line. I don’t know where I’d look first!  



Bagan, Burma

Burma is an exciting county that’s still opening up to the rest of the world. This treasure trove of ancient culture, pristine landscapes and majestic temples is enough to blow anyone’s mind! 




The 2014 world cup has put Brazil back in the spot light on the world travel stage, there is however much more to Brazil than football! Brazil is a place of contrasts, clustered development and urban dwellings thrown into vast rainforest and great peaks. If that isn’t enough to keep anyone amused the world famous beaches, street art and vibrant culture sure will.

South Korea


A Rendering of # Central Park I’s Low Level Retail

You might not instantly think of South Korea as a dream travel destination, I hadn’t admittedly considered it until just recently. My interest in visiting South Korea lies predominantly with the futuristic development of eco city “Songdo” the development of this innovative city has involved completely reclaiming a portion of the sea! Not only are the plans visually stunning but the level of sustainability, indignity and accommodation of both nature and people is very exciting! It’s defiantly a destination that deserves a visit, whilst being built or on completion.

5 things you must see in Barcelona






medium_6447681161#1 A Flamenco show

Most people will instantly associate Flamenco with Spain and possibly not bother going under the assumption that it’s a typical tourist thing to do.Well I can’t emphasize enough how you should go and see one! The Show I saw whilst in Barcelona absolutely blew me away, the dancers moved so fast they looked animated. The music, singing and dancing was just performed With such energy and passion, it is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Spain and something everyone should experience at least once.


#2 Sitges

Sitges is about an hour or so away from Barcelona, if you want a beach day with soft white sand And clear med sea (Who doesn’t) then head there! A day return ticket will cost you around €8 which Is a low price for this beautiful place. The atmosphere was fantastic in the bustling streets and although the Beach was busy it didn’t feel overcrowded. Seriously check it out!


#3 Park Guell

A typical picture of Park Guell features the mosaic lizard or the curvy mosaic seats. I was expecting a usual over rated Tourist destination and although the place was swarming with tourists I was pleasantly surprised. The actual feel of the place or rather genius loci was quite unique it had this air of peacefulness and calm despite being so busy which I loved. The pictures really don’t capture the scale of the place or do it justice for that matter. The views and grounds are rather Pleasant its defiantly worth going to see especially if you have time to take a slow wonder.


#4 La Boqueria 

I hadn’t heard of this famous market in Barcelona it is absolute food heaven for chefs and a great place to take pictures or again immerse yourself in the culture. It was absolutely packed and navigating through it is certainly not for the faint hearted! I was a man on a mission when I went to collect my ingredients for home made paella, with my fiancée and friend in close pursuit. Most of the store owners don’t speak much English so it’s a fun experience attempting to negotiate in Spanish/Catalan/broken English Its worth it though because you are really getting the best of the best! The seafood is so fresh it moves (really it moves) the vegetables,The fruits and don’t get me started on the colourful array of refreshing fruit drinks pictured above AMAZING! They actually taste of fruit instead of sugar and Additives! I purchased some smoked paprika, oh my god it’s the best paprika I’ve ever tasted. Whatever your reason for visiting, just go you will not be disappointed!


#5 Salvador Dali Museum, Figueres 

Figueres is home to the biggest surrealist object in the world, AKA the Dali museum. I have been a huge fan of Dali since I was young and it’s been one of my dreams to see the museum! As a fan I certainly wasn’t disappointed I marvelled at the original paintings, sculptures and instillations. There’s something so amazing about looking at art in a book most of your life then actually seeing the brush strokes of the original piece on the canvas, books Just can’t capture that! There were other aspects of Dali’s art that the books hadn’t caught and I saw his art in a whole different light almost like setting eyes on it for the first time once more which was amazing. Even if you are not particularly a Dali fan or familiar with his work I think the sheer Strangeness of the art would at the very least leave you perplexed it’s sure worth a visit. If your still not convinced Figures its self is beautiful I would quite happily go and live there. It’s a typical old Spanish town with a huge tree lined square, I just loved the atmosphere there it’s worth the 3 hour train Journey even though we did encounter a complete weirdo on the journey home.


It’s been a while…



Home by Fantomxp, 2013

I should apologise for the long absence from blogging to all the people that follow my blog  but quite honestly I’ve had a break. It’s good to disconnect from technology once in a while. I also don’t believe in posting for the sake of posting, I like to read interesting content and I’d rather not bore people with rubbish.

I’d like to announce that I’m half way to completing one of my life goals from my previous post. I am now happily engaged 🙂


I’ve got some knew ideas flowing and there will be some posts to follow (so watch this space) I will endeavour to post at least once a week and to catch up on reading the many wonderful blogs that I follow!



Don’t cull are beloved badgers!


Badger Cub by Andy, 2012 

Badgers are an iconic symbol of our British wildlife and have been protected by the law since as early as 1835 (RSPCA, 1994). Ironically 178 years later the government that passed such strong protective acts in favour of these majestic mammals are now proposing to cull them once again.  

LUSH Fresh handmade cosmetics are currently raising the profile of the petition to prevent the cull of badgers in association with their “Fighting animal testing campaign”. It’s really refreshing to see a high street shop getting involved in such an important issue and even more so the enthusiasm a staff member from the Hull branch had for the campaign!


Lush Fighting animal testing by Google images, 2013

If you don’t want to see tonnes of badgers needlessly killed then please sign this e-petition on the government website today or pop into your local Lush and join over 100,000 other people in doing so! 

Some facts about badgers

 So why does the government want to kill badgers?

Basically it all comes down to TB (Tuberculosis) affecting farmed cattle. It has been strongly believed for quite some time that Badgers are the direct cause of Bovine TB outbreaks in cattle. This would obviously cause much monetary loss and detriment to the farming community which I sympathise with. However this does not warrant the culling of badgers which was somewhat proven in an experiment known as the “Krebs experiment”. This experiment involving the mass culling of badgers was carried out in 1996 by a group of scientists on behalf of the government in order to review the link between bovine tuberculosis in badgers and TB infection in cattle. The krebs experiment concluded that;

“Although there is substantial evidence for an association between TB infection in badgers and cattle, the evidence that badgers transmit TB to cattle in the natural situation is all indirect”.

“Outside the areas subject to the trial, it recommends that no badger culling should be undertaken (Recommendation B(ii)), because this is unlikely to add to the information gained from the experiment”. (The subject area being the south west of England)


“The Team suggests that improved husbandry methods by cattle farmers may play an important role in reducing bovine TB outbreaks”.

Furthermore the third statement is supported by the quote from Badgerland bellow.

“Cattle which are raised in natural field-based conditions, with minimum use of anti-biotics and other drugs, low-stress organics lifestyle are much less likely to succumb to TB infection”.

So why are we here again?

Why does the government want to undertake such a brutal course of action?

What gives anyone the right to just go and kill an animal for whatever reason?

 The astonishing fact is that there is a prevention method in the form of the BCG vaccine for both cattle and badgers. This prevents the contraction of TB in uninfected badgers. Vaccination of cattle against TB is currently prohibited by EU legislation, mainly because BCG vaccination of cattle can interfere with the tuberculin skin test, the main diagnostic test for TB. Surely it would be more productive to put resources into this type of prevention and challenge the EU legislation rather than mindless culling. 


Ella Fitzgerald – Cry me a River

Today is the 96th Birthday of Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. I love this song its timeless and still being performed today by the likes of Michael Bublé. It’s a shame that a lot of my generation and younger will not associate this song with any other artist (no disrespect to Bublé). But Ella Fitzgerald’s version and indeed the original by Julie London to me convey the true sense of this songs meaning through the sad tones so present in their voices.



Hope by Micheal Toy, 2004

What is hope? What keeps us hoping?

Hope is formed through faith; it’s not possible to have one without the other. You have to maintain your faith in life, people and purpose in order to have hope.

Maintaining the faith to hope isn’t an easy feat, it takes endless patience, relentless strength and pure courage.

To put your whole life in someone else’s hands

To keep believing in people when they let you down

To keep trusting people when they’ve hurt you   

To keep being nice to people when they are not very nice

To keep fighting for people when they won’t fight for them self

To be a pillar of strength in a crumbling world  

Somehow we find the strength to never give up, to never stop believing that there will be an end to it all even through the darkest days. We rise again to face another day, to fight another battle in a perpetual war. This life may leave lines on our face and scars on us but it will never take away our faith and our hope.